Letter to Newcomers from a Current Student

One of our students, Akiko, will be be returning to Japan very soon. After teaching a class about phrases used to offer advice and suggestions, I asked the students to write to a letter to people who would be moving to the United States. This gave an opportunity for Akiko to use her English skills while leaving a legacy here for newcomers who might look for advice about things to do while living in Indiana. Here is her revised letter.

Dear New Friend,

My name is Akiko and I’m from Japan. I’ve been in Columbus, [Indiana] for three years. I would recommend going to watch sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. There are many professional sports teams in the U.S.A. Live games are exciting.

My favorite game is basketball. Any team is fine, but I like the Indiana Pacers. You should check the Pacers home page [so] that you can get information about where you can watch the games, get tickets, and ticket prices.

You should take an English class or workshop. Don’t stay in your house alone. I would recommend Midwest Language Services.

Best regards,

Akiko S.

Testimonial from Pablo Da Rosa

Thank you to Jeff Burnham for your excellent work for Midwest Language Services, LLC!

“I was very happy with the service provided by Midwest Language Services. They are very flexible and able to offer different types and meeting times for classes, including teaching at my home, which was very convenient. My instructor was very experienced at teaching. I took the Accent Modification Training and I learned lots of techniques and exercises to help me improve in this area in addition to some grammatical explanations.”