Japanese Indianapolis

Welcome Marie Mori, Our Intern from Japan

Marie Mori will be teaching Essential Japanese for Travel this summer at Midwest Language Services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Marie Mori is currently teaching Elementary Japanese and pursuing a Master’s in Linguistics and TESL at Indiana State University. She is interested in the relationship between second language learning and anxiety, as well as foreign language learning and psychology.

At ISU, Ms. Mori has been dedicating herself to establishing a Japanese cultural organization that will introduce Japan and its culture through many events. She hopes it will open doors to the Japanese way of life, traditions, gastronomy and history to anyone who is interested.
Marie’s future goals are to be an English teacher in Japan and to foster students with global perspectives. English will be one tool for teaching students about things outside of Japan. With respect to her future objectives, she plans to incorporate all of her experience in the United States into changing how Japanese students learn.

In 2017, Marie participated in the WUSTL-ALLEX Japanese Teacher Training for seven weeks at Washington University in      St. Louis and learned the performed culture approach to teaching. “This summer, I will teach Japanese using the performed culture approach. Learners will be exposed to Japanese culture and performing in the target language. I will be using Japanese most of the time in class,” Marie says.

Marie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English literature at Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto, Japan. She was interested in applied linguistics, second language learning, and effective ways of teaching English as a foreign language in Japan, with both physical and emotional aspects. Marie adds, “To expand my knowledge and ability, I decided to come to the United States to study."

To register, please visit this link to Eventbrite. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/essential-japanese-for-travel-registration-44335912909