Online English language Lessons

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  • Learn with a live instructor

  • Choose a day and time that is convenient for you

  • Learn English from a different time zone

Group online English ESL/ENL language classes

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Learn Japanese Online

Available Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM and weekday evenings from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

(Please contact us to schedule your lessons.)

Are you going to Tokyo soon and it’s your first time abroad?

Would it help your work if you knew Japanese?

Do you have a Japanese friend you want to speak to in Japanese?

Want to understand your favorite anime or manga?

Meet Clara Chi, an online Japanese teacher, who offers various Japanese courses:

1) Japanese language classes from introductory to advanced

2) full immersion conversation (for those who want to keep up with Japanese after coming back from Japan)

3) business-level Japanese

4) conversational Japanese (for going on trips to Japan)

5) JLPT training from N5 to N1 in all areas: kanji, grammar, reading and listening

6) Customized course for any other kind of goal you strive for in Japanese!

If you have always wanted to become more fluent, but never did well in language classes, fear not! Clara will adjust the course in order to best find your learning style. No goal is too lofty or small! Contact us today to improve your Japanese with Chi sensei!

About Clara Chi: After graduating with a degree in Japanese from Wellesley College, she worked as a translator in Tokyo at mega-Japanese banks Mizuho Bank and Bank of Mitsubishi-UFJ Tokyo for ten years. She received her M.Ed. with honors in Japanese language education from DePaul University of Chicago in 2013, and has been working as a Japanese teacher since at the Indiana Academy in Muncie, IN.

Clara’s tutoring business with another online company held an average of five stars during the four years she worked with them in Chicago from 2010-2014. She takes a personal and comfortable approach to tutoring and teaching, and is happy to work with your goals in order for you to become as fluent as possible in Japanese!