Team Interpreter and Scheduling Policy

  • Two interpreters will usually be necessary for assignments over two hours, depending on duration, format, and nature of the assignment.

  • Interpreting requires a high degree of concentration to hear and convey that message into another language. A team of interpreters switch off to avoid fatigue and help maintain consistency and accuracy of your message. Fatigue can be a major cause of inaccuracy, so we minimize risk of this happening by the scheduling the appropriate number of interpreters for your assignment. The interpreter who is interpreting is the active interpreter and the other interpreter is the support interpreter. Without relief, it is unrealistic to expect an interpreters to consistently accurate interpretation.

  • Contact us at least 72 hours in advance of your appointment to avoid incurring any cancellation fees. Interpreters who have committed to interpreting for an appointment miss out on other opportunities to interpret for other assignments scheduled at the same time. For this reason, we must compensate them for the time they have been originally scheduled.