Episode 6 - Introducing Yourself and Others in Formal and Casual Situations

Making Introductions

In today’s lesson, you will learn how to introduce yourself and others.

Hello. My name is Tanya Hoover with Midwest Language Services, LLC. We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana and provide language services around the world.

There are different ways to introduce yourself. Some ways are more formal for people you are meeting for the first time or for people who are above you in rank or position. Other ways are more casual or friendly, for people at the same or similar level in status or for more casual situations, such as a company picnic.

We will start with formal introductions first.

Be sure to use your own name instead of mine.

Hello, my name is Tanya Hoover.

Hello, my name is ____________.

In North American culture, it is common to give a firm handshake using your right hand when you meet someone for the first time.

In more casual situations, you can say, “Hi, I’m Tanya Hoover.” (only with your name).

Hi, I’m ___________.

Now let’s practice introducing someone else.

This is Manami Suzuki.

This is _____________ .

You may also add additional information such as job title and where the person works.

For example, we could say:

“This is Manami Suzuki. She is a design engineer at ABC incorporated, based in Toronto, Canada.”

“Based in” means that is where the company is located. Sometimes it means that is where the headquarters or main office is located.

Now try introducing yourself and two coworkers to a new employee.


“Hello, I’m Tanya Hoover, the President of Midwest Language Services. This is Alec Smith, our interpreting coordinator and Lauren Jones, our translation project manager.”

When meeting someone for the first time, if people introduce themselves first, be sure to introduce yourself, too. Afterwards, say, “Nice to meet you.” When native English speakers from the United States say this, it may sound like, “Nice to meetchu.”

This is the end of Lesson 1.