Episode 3 - Talking About Time Using "In" and "At"

In addition to using “in” before a unit of time, before a year, or a month, we can also use “in” before “the morning” or “the afternoon,” but we use “at” before night. Here is an example of how to use “in” and “at” in the same sentence.

“She eats breakfast in the morning, eats lunch in the afternoon, and eats dinner at night.”

We also use the preposition “at” before a specific time on the clock, such as “at 1:00,” “at 2:30,” “at noon,” or “at midnight.”

We do not use “at” before “next week,” but we can use “at” before an event, such as, “I will see you at the next meeting.” or “We will see you again at the next party.”