Episode 2 - Talking About Time - Using the Preposition "In"

People often confuse when to use “in,” “at,” and “on” when talking about time. To avoid confusion, we are just going to focus on how to use “in” in Episode 2 of the English Mini-Lessons Podcast. Here are some general rules:

  • Use “in” before a unit of time.

    Examples: I will see you in an hour. It is 11:00 now. I will see you at 12:00. He can walk five miles in one hour. The package will arrive in three days. (This means three days in the future.)

  • Use “in” before a year.

    Examples: He was born in 1975. The Olympics will take place (happen) in 2020.

  • Use “in: before a month.

    Examples: I will see you in September. She will see you next month for your next appointment.